The Hunger Games (midnight premiere!)

Released: 3/23/12
Viewed: 3/23/12 With: Mom, Rachel, Rachel’s Mom.
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth
Rated: PG-13

So I know this post is kinda late, but better late than never! :D

So the Hunger Games was AWESOME! and if you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading, and go watch it. NOW! Seriously! Because there may be spoilers ahead!

I really liked in the movie how well they stayed with the main events and details in the book. Now I understand they can only put in so much for a movie, but as always, I’m kinda disappointed they changed a few minor details, such as cutting Madge out entirely, so the Mockingjay thing is a little off. And what was up with the finger pricking at the check in of the Reaping? Thank goodness for this futuristic technology (hopefully) so that nobody catches any DISEASES!

Anyways, I was also really happy with all of the performances by the actors. When I first saw Jennifer Lawrence was casted as Katniss, I wasn’t sure how well it would work out. But she nailed it! Even though I wanted to strangle Katniss in the book half of the time, I thought Jennifer did a pretty good job. And may I say it’s so REFRESHING to see a strong female lead! (I’m looking at you Bella from Twilight!)

Josh Hutcherson did a nice job as well. :) Definitely can’t wait to see him in the upcoming movies.

Liam Hemsworth, ah, :). I was just slightly disappointed that they didn’t show very much of Gale. I mean, I get he wasn’t really there in the action, but I felt that Katniss thought about him a lot more than what they showed.

Another thing I really enjoyed was how INTENSE it was! Come on, I read the books and I was still holding my breath as Prim’s name was called at the Reaping!

The only thing I kind of worry about is how well this movie would come across to viewers who haven’t read the books? I, once again, get that they can only put so much into a movie, but there is so much more detail and backstory in the books!

Overall, I’m very happy with the movie, and super pumped it broke box office records with a $155 million opening weekend, and still did well with a $60 million second weekend. Horray Hunger Games! :)

9.5/10 :)

Moneyball (at home!)

Moneyball was up for an Oscar for Best Picture this past year, and for good reason!

The Oakland A’s are one of the poorest teams in the league. Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) faces the challenge of replacing three key players with a salary too small to attract anyone obviously good. When he travels to Cleveland to discuss an opportunity to get more players, he meets Peter Brand, a Yale Economics graduate who knows how to value players with statistics. Billy ends up hiring (or buying) Peter from Cleveland, and together they create a team of undervalued players, who set a new record of most games won in a row.

Absolute favorite moment of the movie (spoiler alert!):

The A’s are in the game where they have an 11 point lead, but the opposing team has caught up. Billy is sitting in the weight room with his head in his hands, because he’s afraid he’s jinxed the team by coming to their game. Hatterburg is put up to bat, because he gets on base by walking. However, he swings and hits the ball, dead silence except the crack of the bat, and Billy hears it and looks up.

That moment, is just PRICELESS! AHH! So good! I can’t get over it!

I absolutely loved Jonah Hill’s character. Even though I’ve come to dislike Jonah Hill, he’s still a pretty good actor, and obviously so for getting an Oscar nod for best supporting actor.

It was filmed so well too. Just the way the story is put together, with clips from the past baseball games, looking into Billy Beane’s past, and the present. I can’t get over how well done it was.

What was also pretty cool about the movie was that Matt said he remembered th etime period and the events that happened in the movie. (I didn’t because I was kind of young/didn’t really care about baseball.)

The only thing that kind of bothered me while we watched this was Billy’s daughter sings this song at various points in the movie, that was released in… 2008? The problem is the movie takes place in 2001-2002. :/

Overall, it was a great movie. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

8.5/10 :)

How Do You Know? (at home!)

So I jumped into watching this movie on TV about a half hour in. I’ve seen it in theaters before so I figured I can still count it as one watched this year.

Now when I watched this in theaters, I thought it was alright. But watching it the second time around, MAN what a crappy movie! The characters are so awkward, and they’re not developed so well. And the story was slightly confusing in some parts, mostly meaning about Paul Rudd’s character’s legal troubles. I don’t know if I’m just too young to get it all? But I didn’t like it. :/

You would think a movie with such big names (Reese Witherspoonn, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, Jack Nicholson) would make it better, but, ah, no.

I just thought the entire dialogue was awkward and poorly written, and could’ve been a lot better.

Overall - 4/10.

The world needs a little more lennon chicken, a souvenir from our theater 

The world needs a little more lennon chicken, a souvenir from our theater :)

The Switch (at home!)

So this post is preeeettty late. I watched the Switch last Thursday, and eventually my parents sat down to watch it with me too.

Jennifer Aniston’s character (Kassie) is single, and doesn’t want to wait for a man to have a child. So she finds a donor, and throws a party in honor of her last night as a single, not-mother. (wow, horrible wording). However, her best-friend, Wally, gets drunk at the party, meets the donor, and hates him. In a drunken fit, he accidently spills the “offering” and replaces it with his own. Seven years later, after meeting the child when Kassie moves back into town, he puts the pieces together and realizes the child is his.

The part I loved is when Jennifer Aniston is alone at her party, and its a big close up of her face, and my dad says “Where’s Jennifer Aniston?!” No. Not kidding. :P :)

Overall, it’s a pretty cute movie. Even the kid’s kinda weird, he’s absolutely adorable, especially with his stuffed animal, unfortunate chicken. :)

I’d give it a 6.5 out of 10. :)

Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone (At home!)

Since me and Matt have gotten together, I have sat through a Lord of the Rings movie, a Star Wars movie, and multiple Muppet movies. Now, yes, they are all really good. But Matt likes to drain, and drained hardcore about watching Harry Potter :P, and we still have seven more movies to go! :P

The Harry Potter series is definitely one of my favorites, and I do like each and every movie, of course, I like some more than others. This is not one of them. The first movie is absolutely essential to understand the rest of it, but what bothers me is how “hokey” it is. Which, I guess, is understandable, because it’s directed towards a young adult audience. But still.

I also forgot how long it was, or how long it seems, but, i guess it is tough that they have to cram all of the introductory things of the series into an acceptable movie time frame.

But it was nice to sit down and watch the whole movie from start to finish, for the umpteenth time, instead of catching pieces on ABC Family. Definitely want to watch more soon. :) 9/10.

Movies at Home so far this year :)

Muppets Take Manhattan -

I did not grow up on The Muppets, however, Matt did. So it was a little hard to deny his insisting on watching them. And I’m glad we did! It was a really cute story, with fun music, and just… AWESOME. :) 7/10
somebody’s getting married…

Dawn of the Dead

I’m all about, “The world is ending, we’re all in this together” types of movies. Dawn of the Dead was cool to see because it was filmed in our area. It’s also cool to say I’ve seen a classic zombie movie. However, towards the end, it kinda dragged a little, but over all, it was pretty good. 6/10

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Hands down, my new favorite movie. Absolutely LOVED IT! :D And after seeing this, and the new Muppets movie, I really have a new found love for Jason Segal. Anything he’s in I really want to see now. :) 10/10.
I’m not going to put clothes on. I know what that means, if i put clothes on, it’s over.

As Good As It Gets

We actually just watched this last night. I really liked how all of the stories ended up intertwining in the end, and how the dog changed Jack Nicholson’s character. The only thing that really bothered me about it was Jack Nicholson seemed so old for Helen Hunt’s character! Not to be judging, but I kinda couldn’t get over it! But overall, it was good. :) 6.5/10.

Project X .. (ugh *shakes head*)

Released: March 3, 2012
Viewed: March 3, 2012
Starring: No one big enough to list. :P
Rated: R

Kids aren’t popular. Kids have a party. Party gets out of control. Kids get into trouble. Kids become popular when they go back to school on Monday, because their party was the best party ever.

If you saw the previews, you basically saw the movie. Honestly, don’t waste your time with this one.

I admit, there were some pretty funny parts, but a LOT of this was VERY unrealistic.

1. 7:59, no one’s there. Thomas the birthday boy’s close friends are there, playing X-Box, just sitting around. DJ’s playing music. It’s all chill.
8:00 – BAM! EVERYONE shows up! All at once! The street is FILLED with cars! What the heck!

2. The first time the cops show up, all few hundred people fit in the back yard, and are SO quiet, that you can hear a PIN drop, as Thomas and Costa are talking to the cops.

3. When the cops showed up the 2nd time, the kids start jumping on cars, and throwing beer cans and stuff at the cop cars, scaring the cops away!
If you are a high school kid, at a raging party, and the cops show up, you are RUNNING. You’re not risking yourself to start a riot! You are saving yourself, and getting the heck out of there!

4. The fact that the cops only showed up twice!

5. The cops saying “We’re going to just have to let this fizzle out. There’s no other way we can control this, before letting it die out on its own.”

The whole movie was kind of a drain, it just kept going on, and on, and on. The only thing I will give credit for the movie is that it had a good party soundtrack (in which, it should, its about a party.) Other than that, please, don’t waste your time.

I’d give it a 3/10.

Star Wars - Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (3D)

Released: February 10, 2012 
Viewed: ?
Starring: Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson, and Natalie Portman
Rated: PG

Before I saw this movie, I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the Star Wars movies. So seeing the entire movie for the first time on the big screen in 3D, YEARS after being released was really cool.

I do understand that they will not be released in their original order: instead of 4,5,6,1,2,3 they’re releasing them 1,2,3,4,5,6. This is the order I will be watching them in. Which I also think is pretty cool, seeing them in chronological order.

I’vealso been told that among fans, that even though it’s still a good movie/series, Episode 1 is one of the least favorites of the series. But I thought this one was REALLY GOOD! So my hopes only go up from here! :D

So I have joined the Star Wars Fandom, joining along with my loves of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight (eh, sorta Twilight), I am one step closer to being an ultimate movie geek. :)

I’d give it an 8.5/10.