The Switch (at home!)

So this post is preeeettty late. I watched the Switch last Thursday, and eventually my parents sat down to watch it with me too.

Jennifer Aniston’s character (Kassie) is single, and doesn’t want to wait for a man to have a child. So she finds a donor, and throws a party in honor of her last night as a single, not-mother. (wow, horrible wording). However, her best-friend, Wally, gets drunk at the party, meets the donor, and hates him. In a drunken fit, he accidently spills the “offering” and replaces it with his own. Seven years later, after meeting the child when Kassie moves back into town, he puts the pieces together and realizes the child is his.

The part I loved is when Jennifer Aniston is alone at her party, and its a big close up of her face, and my dad says “Where’s Jennifer Aniston?!” No. Not kidding. :P :)

Overall, it’s a pretty cute movie. Even the kid’s kinda weird, he’s absolutely adorable, especially with his stuffed animal, unfortunate chicken. :)

I’d give it a 6.5 out of 10. :)